Who is Skyler Grey?

im sure you'v heared Diddy-Dirty-Money's "Comming Home" and the more popular "Love the way you lie" by Eminem featuring our very own Rhiri. i bet your wondering, what does these songs have to do with this white beautiful woman. well imma tell ya! She rote the hooks for those songs and im sure you would not have recognized her performing with Eminem and Dr. Dre at the Grammy's Two weeks ago. Well thats kinda the point. When the whole point ol Lady Gaga is to blow up in your face constantly, Skyler opt for the direct opposite. She is also kown as Holly Brooks and isn't nu to the industry atall. While Skylar Grey might be making her first forays into recording, singing the hook for the soon to be released Dr. Dre single, "I Need A Doctor," and putting the finishing touches on an album under the guidance of super producer Alex Da Kid, this isn't her first rodeo. Grey released a few records under the name Holly Brook, including the 2006 album Like Blood Honey.  Linkin Park, that is. When she moved to Los Angeles in 2003, Grey caught on with Linkin Park, signing to their Machine Shop Recordings label and singing on a few Fort Minor (the side project of Linkin MC Mike Shinoda) tracks
Not knowing who Skylar Grey is seems like part of Skylar Grey's master plan. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grey stated, "“My whole roll-out as Skylar Grey has been this mysterious being." That explains why her website is simply a series of Flash images and why she was shrouded in darkness during her Grammy performance.Before she was writing melancholy hooks for Dre and Slim Shady, Skylar was making music with her mom in a folk duo named Generations. She's one girl you all are going to look out for this year. Listen to "I Need A Doctor" by Dr.Dre featuring her and Eminem

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