Jazmine Sullivan's "Love Me Back"

this is too much to even talk about because i feel so bad that such a great work of art is being put on hold for the main time so she can figure out some stuff. Love Me Back rocks in all kinds of ways that now i listen  to it from begining to end and then some and im not tired at all.
The songs are so strong yet you see her vulnarebility shine tru and that voice! OMG what a classy chick/woman/diva/girl because she lets you in on her tru all these identities.
Songs like "Love You Long Time" and "Famous" profeses her true and undoubted love for her partner while songs like "U Get On My Nerves" (a duet with Ne-Yo) (part 2 of burst your windows) and the soul kicking "10 Seconds" gives off this i-dont-care-if-u-die air that is both sad and freeing all at the same time. "Redemption" is a rap/sung song that could be a gospel number cause it does loads of inspirational ish to you and "Excuse Me" is this old school mid tempo introductory love letter to her new love interest (loads of simple words that describes heaven)
finally, the Los da Mystro produced "Don't Make Me Wait" is this ode to the 80's and to a group called "Vanity 6". the song is about times when u just wana get it on without all the love ish involved
Im totally impressed with this work of art so Jazmine, please promote this cause if you do, you'd give diva's like Alicia and Chrisette a run for their money! love ya loads

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