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Thank Me Now

first of all, Drake is worth all the buzz hes been getting and i didnt get to this conclusion until i listensed to "thank me later" hes debut album. the album reminds me of the feeling i had when i first listened to kanye west's "Colledge Dropout". i remember feeling like "thank God" finally some hip hop for me! Drakes album is one than comprises elements that a normal hip hop album would not, he must have learnt something from Kanye's "808 & heartbreaks" cause on this c.d., he sings, raps and creates noumerous imageries for diverse listeners so even if you dont like hip-hop or rap, there is still stuff in there to capture your ears and mind. On "Thank Me Later" Drake talke on issues of events that have been happening since "Best i ever Had", his meeting Rihanna, relationship with fame and money, how he wants to marry Nicki Minaj "just so we can say we did it". Even Jay z offers him some advise on how to deal with fame elements. the album features iconic guest apearances from Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Young Jeezy, The-Dream, Jay-Z, T.i, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. I Smell Grammy

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