Goth Grail

Now hold on a minute! 9ja is totally stepping up! this is the kind of exposur these talents are supposed to be getting. i loved the whole concept of the cover and i have to commend Genevieve for this innovative peice. pleasantries aside, the clothes did not jump out to me and Kate henshaws dress was infact not befitting enouph for her calliber (it should have been given to Ini edo .... no offence). the poses did not compliment each other at all and it was not the best wayt to show off the clothes and their figures in the clothes. the "Goth" concept was nice as compered to the usual "Celebration of trad" that is now becomin a drag to me (although i can see some elements of trad here). i must say the the best "high-fashion" pose goes to "Africas-Most-Popular-Actress" Genevieve (love you girl) she struck it fabolously. i want to see a cover that features fashionable male entertainers soon so magazines better get on that ASAP

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