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A jurney to the sands of time

hey yall. sorry iv not said nadda for a bit, my MTN stck is faulty so i gotta go out to get to yall. today i wanna tasalk about the movie i saw yesterday. PRINCE OF PERCIA was one of those ready for summer movies that to the best of my discretion, came out good as the movie was edgy and also had a funny side. jake did a great job as "Dustan" and the acrobatics was outstanding. the storyline of him getting into trouble and trying to clear his name as well as the brother of the king being the villan, was infact predictable and dates back to stories as old as time. but this particular story was well equipped to fight off dryness and boardom.... i mean it was as if we were there with the rest of the cast and only a few movies can pull that off. hope all the hard work pays off with the revenuen gotten back. cant wait to see "death at a funeral"

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