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Robin Thicke's "Paula" Campaign

Ok i'm all for "Let Love Win" and all that jazz but in my humble opinion, Mr. Thicke should not be so literal about this whole "get her back" fiasco. but first for the people who don't know the T, let me take you back in time. About a year ago, Robin Thicke was the guy to be; a long standing hit song on the charts and adoring fans! Then one ...
mistake led to another in the "flirting" and further "cheating" department and then his wife, the actress Paula Patton decided she could no longer stand for it and so earlier this year, decided to take the separation route and ever since then, Robin has publicly pleaded with her to come back! I mean in interviews and in numerous performances on stage but it was very shocking to me when he decided to take it up a notch and dedicate a whole album to getting her back! calling the album "Paula" and the first single is "Get her Back" ... I mean literally! he then went on to produce the whole album himself (another mistake) and the video for the first single was the icing on the cake! he allegedly released conversations they had via text as the video progressed which I thought was a bit too desperate and tacky.
OK there are two angles to this, either he thinks he can pull the "Adele" card and use his anguish to make truck loads of cash or maybe he thinks this whole somber campaign will actually get her back. either way, its a recipe for disaster because what he should be doing is trying to mend their marriage in private and not going all Tori and Dean on us. Be a bit vague even if you are actually communicating emotions to a real person and stop using your wife for an easy come up. The Fans are no fools! Get it together Robin

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