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Albums to Listen To Right Now

I was recently comparing the listening to music today to say ten years ago and it is glaring albums literally sell a fraction of what they used to (except your Adele or Taylor Swift) and the question is why? Because the vast innovation and evolution in music today is unparalleled but then again it seems the more we evolve, the less our attention span lasts and let’s not forget that every penny counts so with all that in mind, these are some albums that are out now that deserve to be on rotation.

Lily Allens’ “Sheezus”
Now when it comes to lily, I am biased because I basically love everything she has released from “Alright, Still” to her funny/Shady quotes on other artists and I have to admit I was one of the millions of fans that prayed for Lily to come off her 5 year hiatus (She got married and had kids) and eventually the prayers paid off cause not only did she come back but she returned with a BANG!!! Led by the hit single “Hard Out Here”, She reconnects with her frequent collaborator, Greg Kurstin (and a few others) to bring us “Sheezus”. “Its such a good album that even if you were not a fan before it, you would definitely find something to like about it; from her endorsing the privileged life in “Silver Spoon” to the trials of being a Wife and Mother in “Life for Me”. She shows that even with marriage and kids, she can still cleverly say whatever’s on her mind without an edit button. She takes on the industry and its competitive side in “Sheezus” as well as how fake celebrity life can be on “Insincerely Yours”. “URL Badman” has to be one of my favorite songs off the album cause … well (coming from where I’m from) I can kinda relate. All in all, “Sheezus” is definitely a classic easy listening and completely #dope record.
Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories”
OK let me be candid! “Mylo Xyloto”, the bands previous album, was this themed record that was a bit complicated and I liked the record but I wasn’t in love with it like say “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” or my favorite Coldplay record of all time, “Viva La Vida”, so when “Magic” a single off “Ghost Stories” dropped, all I remember was how Minimal it sounded as well as how addictive it got (I unintentionally listened to it constantly for ages). To me, that set the tone for “Ghost Stories” cause I knew they were thinking what the world was thinking “ok we’ve done complicated and shown evolution, let’s go back to the basics” and that is exactly what this whole record represents (they draw back and maintain a minimalist approach for most of the record while spreading their wings over to EDM territories which represents today). This record also was a bit more personal because it was based on Chris and Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Conscious Uncoupling”. There’s a line in “True Love” that kills me, he tells her “Tell Me you Love Me, If You Don’t then lie to me”. Other high points include the riveting “Ink”, my favorite track, “Another’s Arms” and the reassuring “O”. (“A Sky Full of Stars” also makes for a surprising high). “Ghost Stories” makes for a remarkable listen.
Haim’s “Days Are Gone”
The Debut album from this trio of sisters caught me off guard! I mean I had heard of them blowing up in some circles and I remember always going back to “Red Eye”, their collaborative effort with KiD CuDi off his album “Indicud”. I never heard a single or anything but I took a chance and boy did I get my money’s worth. Where do I begin, is it from the Michael Jackson baseline laced “Forever” of the unforgettable “If I Could Change Your Mind” of how these girls artistically blend 90’s R&B group sounds with indi-pop-rock-soul reminiscent of Stevie Nicks. Even the cohesiveness of the entire record in terms of signature melodies and catchy hooks as well as distinctive sound really stand out. The “Live” element also increases the addictive nature of the entire record. “Days Are Gone” in all will keep you hooked on the rollercoaster ride that is Haim.

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