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Snoop Dogg: Working With Miley Cyrus Was "Awesome," Singer Has "Right Energy, Right Spirit, Right Soul"

Many fans were surprised by Miley Cyrus and Snoop Lion's recent collaboration, but according to the rapper (aka Snoop Dogg), the twosome made a perfect musical match. and i agree!!!! The 41-year-old performer gushed over working with the former Disney star on their mellow reggae track "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" from his new album, Reincarnated.  
"Wow. Miley Cyrus, working with her was ...
awesome," he said with clear admiration. "She was somebody who fit the record, she had the right energy, the right spirit, the right soul and it's just the right tone right now."
Snoop continued complimenting the singer, while also noting how the meaning behind the track—which speaks to change and transformation—was significant to both stars.
"Whatever she's going through, whatever we're going through, it's the same message, so it was the perfect combination," he explained. "Like I said, when I start working on records I never know who's going to be a part of it until it's done, and it just so happened that fate brought me and her together."
Snoop also touched on Miles' self-professed "party animal" personality, admitting the star loves to have a good time but isn't averse to hard work. 
"I believe that is true," he said of Miley's recent claims saying she's a "party animal" but also the "hardest worker." "Because you have to party hearty, but at the same time you have to be a workaholic if you want to stay on top and maintain." Takes one to know one. Thanks for the words of wisdom, Snoop.

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