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On the last episode of ‘American Idol,’ the remaining Top 6 took to the stage and sang two songs of their choosing. The night kicked of with a “passionless” rendition of ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’ by Angie Miller, but heated up when Amber Holcomb graciously floated onto the stage, wearing a ...
’70′s-styled pantsuit, and effortlessly sang ‘I Say a Little Prayer,’ leaving the judges awed. “I’m bowing down right now for you. You have just become my favorite girl in the competition,” Nicki Minaj said after Amber’s performance. Nothing could’ve possibly prepared the judges for Lazaro Arbos’ pitchy, flat rendition of ‘Close to You.’ It was so terrible that poor Mariah Carey had a look of an odd combination of disgust and pity — which is featured in our image for tonight’s recap — afterwards. On one hand the diva obviously felt saddened by the performance because Lazaro is a really likable character, but on the other, it was truly gag-worthy. Kree Harrison stilled the crowd as she took to the stage to sing ‘What the World Needs Now’ and Nicki Minaj predicted that the ‘Idol’ hopeful will be the next country music star. Janelle Arthur gave pretty solid performances of ‘I’ll Never Fall in Love Again’ and ‘The Dance,’ but she was overshadowed by some of the stronger girls in the competition. After last week’s killer performance, it was anticipated that Candice Glover would bring it and, oh baby, she did! Whether the producers planned this or not, Candice was the last ‘Idol’ contestant to sing for each round and she put on quite a finale every time.
“That may be the greatest performance in Idol history”, Randy Jackson exclaimed when the crowd finally settled down after she threw it down.

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