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Oprah Hangs With The Kardashians

At this point in her career, Oprah can get away with just about anything, including referring to the matriarch of one of Hollywood's most calculatingly marketable families as a pimp. The four Kardashian kids recently sat down with Oprah for her ...
Next Chapter series, and the legendary talk show host didn't hold back.
In a sneak peek of the interview, which will air in its entirety this Sunday on OWN, Oprah addresses the role mom/manager Kris Jenner plays in the family's sprawling pop culture takeover. From countless magazine covers and red carpet appearances to miscellaneous product endorsements to a massively profitable televised wedding, the Kardashians are ubiquitous thanks to mom's carefully crafted PR moves. But that ubiquity begs the question: Is the Kardashian "momager" simply exploiting her children? Or, put more crudely, is Kris Jenner the pimp behind the Kardashians' media-whoring? 

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