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Rihanna Is Seeing Red

Last night, Rihanna arrived at a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles looking like a thousand very fluorescent bucks. Although she looked beautiful during her rocker-chick-chic Rated R phase, it's nice to see RiRi returning to ...
her roots, so to speak. Granted, her new fire-engine red locks aren't necessarily "natural" (although, who knows, considering we've seen her go from chocolate highlights to a razor-cut, jet black 'do in a matter of years), Rihanna could wear pigtails and a porkpie hat, and she'd still look gorgeous. And, for the record, we'd love to see Rihanna in pigtails and a porkpie hat.

After taking a major sartorial departure from her days of looking all girly and pretty, Rihanna has returned, albeit with attitude. Even if h8rz claim that Rihanna shares a certain resemblance to Sideshow Bob (whatever, it's an inevitable comparison), the beauty from Barbados is always a knockout. She's not even afraid to match a red-hot dress to her electric red hair, and why should she be? Again, remember the pigtails and porkpie hat? Yeah, we'd pay to see that, even though we know pigtails and porkpie hats would quickly be at the very front of the Urban Outfitters catalog.

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