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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Win an Oscar

 ... and i think she can ... she really can! im always talking with my friends saying that Lindsay is one true Actor in her own right. she could easily nab actings highest honour if ...
 she stops the crap and eventually gets the right script under the right guidiance (stay away from mum and dad ... no offence Mum and Dad) ... the sky is the starting point for this starlet. She said that she would like to win an Oscar and if Hollywood could only step in and help cause everyone loves a comeback.
I heard that she doin two movies now, so there is hope and possibly get yourself out of all the drama and let the only drama be the one your acting in front of a cast and crew and not the Phothugs!!!!! i believe in you girl (a venture back into your music career with real songs and not sexy pop garbage, would be nice)

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