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Jennifer Lopez Says Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest Are 'Like Brothers'

Emotionally trying situations create deep bonds that can bring together seemingly disparate personalities. Just look at war veterans or families who have suffered together through a major tragedy. Or look at American Idol.

It seems that the emotional roller coaster of judging the singing contest and ratings juggernaut has brought Jennifer Lopez closer to her cohorts than she ever thought possible. She told ...
Britain's Daily Record newspaper that her Idol family is tighter than she expected.
“It’s like having brothers for the first time in my life," she said of Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest. "They are all very protective of me. We support each other, it’s a good unit.”
All analogies aside, Lopez does still know the difference between real family and Steven Tyler's dirty uncle American Idol schtick. She explained that Idol has been a tough gig because it requires her to spend so much time away from her 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme.
“When I was on my own without kids, I had no trouble. I worked from day to night. I worked 24/7," she said. "Now I am different. I am a working mother now. To find the right balance is just very difficult. The babies become the most important thing in my life.
“Everything else has had to take a back seat. I am figuring out as I go along with these two angels of mine. And we are doing just fine.”

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