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Brother sells Cheryl Cole's picture in prison

Cheryl Cole's brother has reportedly been selling pictures of his sister to other inmates inside Durham Prison. The 27-year-old singer has been hit by claims that her brother Andrew Tweedy has been selling autographed pictures of his sister for £50. He is currently serving a ...
 six-year sentence for plotting an armed post office raid. A source said to UK newspaper Daily Star:
"Tweedy is bragging he can get his sister's autograph and the price is £50. All the lads love Cheryl but few can afford it. "For a prisoner £50 is a fortune. He may as well be asking 20 grand. Lads here will trade anything for an easy life or cash for cigs. "No one's seen a copy and he might be full of hot air. But if he is selling them I don't think Cheryl would be impressed.". what a joke

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