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Kardashians' Mom Gets Annoyed When People Say Her Girls Have No Talent

It's still slightly a mystery why the Kardashian girls are mega-successful...or is it? Kris Jenner shoots down talk that the girls are talent-less in an interview with Redbook, saying their successful shows prove they deserve some respect!

"They might not be singers or dancers, but they certainly know how to....
 produce a television show. Whether you want to call it talent or not, they have multiple shows on the air. How many shows do you have?" she said.
She has a point, but then it might suit the Kardashians well to label themselves reality TV entrepreneurs instead of actors. And even though it seems like there is quite a bit of shopping, tanning, drinking, etc happening on the show, Kris insists they are diligent, hard-working women.
"It's annoying when I hear, 'What do your girls do?' Well, first of all, all of my daughters have jobs. They are fashion stylists and designers; they own a chain of stores. And my kids worked from the time they were 13 years old. So to me, that's a huge misconception that the girls don't work. They work 25 hours a day," she said. well good for you mama K

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