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New Video: Florence + The Machine - "Queen of Peace" & "Long and Lost" (The Odyssey – Chapters 4 & 5)

the very talented Florence + The Machine just punched me in the guts by releasing two visual chapters on her "the odyssey" video concept off the earth shattering "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful " record. Let me just say that ...
when I first listened to the album, "Queen of Peace" stood out immediately and became one of my best jams off there; "Long and Lost" not so much but with time, "Long and Lost" just kept ringing in my head especially the lines ...
"its been so long between the words we spoke,
Will you be there up on the shore, I hope"
fun fact: Ester Dean (frequent co writer for Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and a host of others plus she also of the Pitch Perfect fame) is a co writer on "Long and Lost".
The videos are very in line with the previous released visual chapters 1-3. I like the whole Irish landscape feel meets boat  ride with the family in the night. there are adult and child versions of Florence and her love interest. The part I love most is the part in "Queen of Peace" where she's outside in a blue cardigan with the dude displaying some artistically choreographed sequence while the camera revolves around them ... just awesome.
P.S. Although I don't get the need for the nude or partially nude scenes she's been injecting all through the visual chapters but I feel its just Flo embracing a more edgier artistic realistic side. keep the choreography and rough head and hand maneuvers coming  #ItsAllGood2Me. 

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