will.i.am blasts Universal label over 'Voice' UK Leanne Mitchell flop

will.i.am has hit out at Universal Music for their handling of Leanne Mitchell's career after winning The Voice UK. Mitchell struggled in the charts after the first series ended, only reaching number 45 with 'Run to You', a cover she performed on the BBC One show's final. The Black Eyed Peas star said that the handling of Mitchell had been done in a way which would have been appropriate "five years ago". "I don't think people were considering today's behavior and how we digest content. It was television five years ago. I hope we've learned from that because I'm part of this show. I hope the label that the artists have to go with have learned from it," said will.  "So with this year's winner, we ...

already have songs ready to go. The label need to have an understanding of what the market is thirsting for and yearning for." Explaining why he thought Mitchell's career had got off to a slow start, he said: "We had a hole in the system. There were all these people singing on television and then one of them wins. Directly after they win - I don't know what happened. I don't know if the label engaged and surrounded it. 
"I don't think the rushing happened and if it did, it was too slow. Especially in this day and age when everything changes every 20 seconds on Twitter. You go from something being hot to 'Oh, it's not hot anymore'." i totally agree with Will, After a grueling competition as The Voice, one can only hope that the record company delivers the artist with quick tactics to debut at No 1 and remain a top act for as far as it can carry them and their talent and not the other way around.

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