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New Video: Tonto's "HI"

There are too many good thing elements here that are totally misused. The song itself has this dub-step, syth infuded techno sound (kinda like Calvin Harris or Skrillex) which i love cause nobody this side of the pond is being that innovative yet but what in Gods name is she singing about?!! The video is supposed to be about a young "female" newspaperboy (does this happen in Nigeria and if so do girls/women do it?) who sees a lovely crib and immediately in visions Poko palace or something? and there shes transformed and is the queen and jumps up nd down.  all while repeating "Hi". Even elements of the video strike me as the director having qualifications but the direction could use some work and the song strangles all artistry that tries to thrive here. Another failed attempt Poko queen (P.S. if LionsGate catches you people using their logo visuals, na una know oh)

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