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Essence Rises from The Dead with "Sexy"

... yeah i know the heading was a bit strong but really with all the B.S. shes been singing for years (no offence dear) you can not but not care about the girl with the great voice behind the famed "Super Story" theme song. I was totally over her when i saw that "Facebook Love" giberish she released which was quite distastefull and i always said to my friends that Essence is the kind of artists that required ...
able song writers to bring her back to life truth be told! but this peice is not about bashing her but throwing more light on the miracle i caught on the Kennis Music channel as i was passing by my living room. Usually when i see her previous videos, id always wonder why funds were poured on low standing songs but this one was a good suprise. the Video is so simple?classy and goes with the theme of the song which is basically telling yall girls to keep a little mystery about yourselves. The song is quite catchy but i hope it gets the deserved coverage across Nigeria cause i experimented by telling two of my close friends to check it out but they turned me down due to the calliber of songs that dear Essence has been releasing. I think this track is worth giving her a fighting chance i mean if anyone can listen to Goldie, this should not be a problem to stomach. Produced by Jiggy Jegg. Video Directed by Mex. check out the video here


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