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Why Katie Holmes REALLY Feared Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes orchestrated a quick surprise divorce from Tom Cruise in a move nobody — including Tom — ever anticipated. So why was she so quick to separate herself from her husband? What was she so scared of? find out!

“Katie was scared of Tom’s Scientology, but also his anger. Tom allegedly has a lot of things buried and suppressed deep down inside. In a relationship, he’s also very self centered. They both are takers, not givers in a relationship, so it’s really not a good combination.”
 while Katie was scared of Tom, she was also just thinking of putting Suri first. “Ultimately though, she wanted what’s best for Suri and eliminated Tom because she thought he was getting too crazy with the Scientology stuff.”
So now that Katie is done with Tom will she reunite with her ex-fiance Chris Klein? i think As far as Chris and Katie are concerened, they’re friendly, and will continue to be, but nothing more. I’d love to see their small town values reunite them, but not in this lifetime. They’ve taught each other the lessons they needed to, and they are moving in different directions.”
Guess if she’s not going back to Chris we’ll have to wait to see who Katie dates next! In the meantime she has enough to worry about with little Suri. We’re glad she feels like she can be happy and free now.
The first step of moving on? Enrolling Suri in an all-girls Catholic school in NYC!
The LA Times is reporting via Us Weekly that Katie, 33, has enrolled Suri at the Convent of the Sacred Heart school in Manhattan. Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Caroline Kennedy and Jordana Brewster have all attended this all-girls school.
The school’s tuition costs $38,000 a year and students are required to go to Catholic mass every Thursday. In the past Suri has been home-schooled, but this September she’ll be heading to the Upper East Side for classes!
i heard A receptionist at Sacred Heart has denied that Suri is attending, but the school is used to having celebrity kids and most likely maintains strict privacy rules.

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