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Robert Downey Jr. Gets Paid $50 Million to Wear a Red Metallic Suit

At The Avengers premiere in NYC, Robert Downey Jr. had to settle for a gold-colored jacket. Now that he's milked the Marvel Comics franchise for a reported $50 million, the actor can actually go out and buy the real thing. (Surely someone sells solid gold suits, right?)
Marvel's latest superhero film has absolutely demolished the box-office, smashing records like the Hulk gone mad, except in this case no one ...
got hurt in the process. On the contrary, many have come out on top. Which brings us back to RDJ. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 47-year-old actor (and his army of lawyers/agents/reps) negotiated a back end deal with Marvel that's reportedly worth $50 million.
Rather than take an upfront salary, Downey will reportedly receive a revenue share, somewhere in the five to seven percent range. One look at the numbers is all you need to realize how much money is at stake here.
Domestically, the film earned an astounding $207 million in its first weekend, giving it far and away the biggest opening in U.S. history. If Downey were to merely pocket six percent of that cut, he would walk away with $12.5 million, which is roughly four times what co-stars Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, and Mark Ruffalo reportedly received.
Of course, that $207 million was just the beginning. Positive word of mouth and critical acclaim have helped the movie soar past the $1 billion mark globally. Do some quick math and Downey's total jumps to $60 million, so maybe the Hollywood Reporter is actually low-balling his cut with that headline-making $50 million figure they came up with. Hey, what's a few zeroes here and there? (For the record, with no comment forthcoming from either Marvel or Downey, it's hard to know exactly how much he made, or how THR came up with that number in the first place.)
Anyway you cut it, RDJ has a massive windfall coming his way. What he does with his $50 million is anyone's guess. Personally, I'm less concerned with how he spends the millions, and far more interested in what form he asks for the money. Will he receive $50 million worth of diamonds to bedazzle his body with? Or will he ask for gold bricks to melt down so he can mint his own currency? Pennies are completely worthless these days, so why not exchange Robert Downies for a change?
These types of massive paydays aren't unheard of in Hollywood (Johnny Depp has earned a reported $350 million over the course of his bountiful Pirates run). But for a guy who spent a tumultuous five years in and out of jail and rehab while battling addiction (he was last arrested in 2001), it's safe to assume Iron Man's enjoying the ride

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