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Trackin': Monica & Brandy's "It All Belongs To Me"

14 years after the highly successful "The Boy Is Mine" jam, R&B divas, Monica and Brandy come together to give us the Rico Love assisted "It all Belongs to me". In my opinion, the song pics up where their classic left off but rather than go on each other for the man's affection, its that time in the relationship to ...
let go so he can leave but he leaves everything behind including that "Mac Book" because all his possessions belong to her (Bran or Mo in this case). its really so bad for the man in question that he is told he has to "Log off your Facebook".
The song in my opinion is very R&B and very appropriate for the era in which the singers are at the moment, it also has strings to it (not enough in my opinion, Kinda like a calmer "Irreplaceable") to give that pop/top 40 feel which i genuinely hope will reflect that on the charts because its been a while since we had such forces come together to pan out classic-like records. its not a fast number but it'll  get you thinking cause of the strength it exudes for women everywhere in that they can relate to it (i'm sure Demi More can, not that Ashton does not have money lol!). 
my guess is you never know with this record! its an R&B hit but can it make it to Hot 100 top 40 where it belongs? this record is the first single off Monica's up coming album "New Life" and if all goes well, it'll be one of the years big R&B bangers (case in point: "Motivation"). The first live performance of the record will be at Clive Davis' Pre-grammy Party this weekend. Love yall and wish yall the best in 2012!

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