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where Have I Been?

Hey yall! I'm sorry for not being ur no1 source of entertainment information. Iv been doing a lot lately and at the moment, I'm at a holiday in benin, Nigeria and I can only describe it with one word ... Incredibly DOPE! Ok that was 2 words but seriously, its a dream. I'm staying at my mums uncles place which is this castle that is literally larger than life. Iv been really lazing and taking time out for just me, no cares and no resentments. Its bliss! I'm a little bummed that I go back to reality with my fling back home tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I love it there but this get away was God sent. So I'm back! Its december, its christmas and its time for fun so go get some and don't worry, ill be posting some reviews iv missed out on (TalkThatTalk) and don't forget the annual awards here so keep it locked4

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