Top Ten Albums (17/07/11)

Iv been listening to songs for a long time now, got tired of listening to albums but that all changed with the release of some powerfull albums so now you get to see it too ... here
Top Ten Albums

1. "The Light of the Sun" (Deluxe Version) - Jill Scott (Jill is just revolutionary and the title of the album is just what the album is: strong with a soft vibes ... Grammy worthy)

2. "4" [Delux Edition]- Beyoncé (to be honest, im totally in love with the three delux songs on the album and on a whole, Bey actually outdid herself)

3. "Good Things"- Aloe Blacc (simple ... a little to simple but it catches you not withstanding)

4. "Perfectionist" (Deluxe Edition) - Natalia Kills (a nice lady gaga try with a few thrills but mostly average stuff)

5. "Born This Way" - Lady Gaga (The steam on this, for me, ran out fast; dont know why but not fully sha so im still digging a few tracks and i definitly cant stand a few ... note that i listened to "The Fame" album for 8 months straight)

6. "21" [Target Deluxe Edition Bonus CD] - Adele (still sweet to my ears ... a true winner for everyone and a classic album for the ages)

7. "Love?" (Deluxe Edition) - Jennifer Lopez (a little lifeless and dissjointed but easy on the ears)

8. "Finally Famous" [Deluxe Edition] - Big Sean (still gettting used to this kinda music, def not easy listening but artfull vibes and very visual lyrics tho)

9. "King of Hearts" - Lloyd (too much about sex and love ... theres more to life, especially your life Lloyd)

10."Just Me" + Live Album - Brian McKnight  (listening to it right now ... cant really say i fully relate but im sure my mother would ... classicstuff)

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