Rebbeca Black's "Friday" soon to pass the 100 million mark

Congatulations R.B. if i do say so myself, (lol) but seriously, who would have tought that a song and video so very underwhelming could have such a global effect. what puzzles me is that what exactly is her management doing with this free dish of fame? because for all we could know, she could be the new britney or the new Bjork and we'll never be truely sure until she puts a slew of records out.
For some magical ...
reason (unknown to me), im one of those optimists that believe in this kid for some facts presented in the "Friday" music video. she can actually sing (maybe not as good as Beyonce or Mariah), she has charisma cause i watched a few interviws and a live performance of the acoustic version (not that it was that trilling) and i can tell you that she is just as innocent and as quirky-driven as Miley Cyrus when she first started Hanna Montanna.
There's something there that i think would be great to explore. That's why im concerned about her team not doing the best they can and a fact to prove this is that on the newly established Billboard Social 50, she is dropping fast and that cant be a good thing. You dont see Rihanna falling off that chart anytime soon cause even before the fire cools, she starts a new one (case-in-pint; S&M Remix with Britney) and lets not even go into the curious case of Justin Bieber>
I celebrate with you with a word of caution, get to work on making these slowly, but surely ending "15 minutes of fame" stay fresh! i know you can do it cause yesterday was thursday and today is .... sorry got carried away listening to the awfully addictive lyrics of the epic "Friday"

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