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New Music: Goldie

I cant begin to tell you all the ways i love Goldie! some might find it funny but i think shes Nigeria's very own Posh-Razz- Ke$ha (yeah! i said it!). so it pleases me to say that her Posh-Razzness,Goldie, has released a new single. The self-styled pop duchess new single is titled ...
'Don't Touch'. The new single follows in the footsteps of earlier hits, 'You Know It', and 'Jawo-Jawo'.
The new single has also gotten an accompanying video, released along with the single. Both the audio and the video are already garnering reviews and a healthy followership on the radio, the internet, and the TV. i havent seen it nor have i heared it but from all the buzz im hearing, its gonna be goood!!!!!

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