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Mel B Lets It Slip She Is Replacing Cheryl Cole On UK X Factor!

"I’m in so much trouble, why did I do this interview," a loose lipped Mel B uttered after letting it slip that she might be replacing Cheryl Cole on the UK version of X Factor, while Cheryl heads to the USA to judge the American version.

In the middle of a radio interview, the former Spice Girl confirmed she was moving back to Britain for "quite some time", which would match up with the ...
rumors that previously suggested she would fill the empty seat at the judges table.
After letting that little nugget of info slip, she quickly backtracked and said:
"I don’t think I was meant to say that though. Oh sorry! Pregnant brain… Maybe that was a secret."
Maybe? It's definitely not a secret anymore!
When the host pressed her if the rumors were true that she was going to join the judges table on the hit talent show, she responded, "Maybe so."
Upon further pressing as to which judge she would sit next to, she finally decided to change the subject and throw people off her trail by talking about…the weather?
That's not obvious or anything!
Well, we hope this "secret" isn't going to cost her the gig, but since Cheryl Cole's departure was no secret, why should Mel B's arrival be one?

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