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Happy 5th Birthday to Suri Cruise!

Today is a very special day – it’s the 5th birthday of the universe’s cutest ickle pickle celebrity Suri Cruise and we've made a little gallery of the star's life to celebrate. For such...
 a small person, Suri is an amazing character and one of our favourite min-celebrities. Since she was basically born, Suri brings the ‘tude in every picture whether she’s laughing, crying, sleepy or – our favourite – pulling a strop.
And for her firth birthday, Katie Holmes said she’s planning a big girly party. She said: “She wants a piñata and her girlfriends to come over, and some swimming.
“We're going to make a cake together.
“We're going to have a little tea party. I kind of like to girl it up.” o ga oh for little princess! getting tips for my future daugters

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  1. she's so beautiful but she's another spoiled brat in the making!