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Jennifer Aniston Goes Country In Her Next Film

i told yall earlier that Queen Comedy is trying to toe a nu path (and thank God!)
Move aside, Gwyneth!

Jennifer Aniston is the next starlet to portray a country singer on the big screen.
She'll be starring in a movie about the 1940s band The Goree Girls who were an all-female country-singing group made up of convicts.
Jen says that despite the film being shelved for a couple years, she insists that this will be the next project on her list, calling the The Goree Girls "the Dixie Chicks of their time".
So far, no word on whether or not Jen will be doing all of her own singing, but no matter what, this is definitely a project we're looking forward to seeing!
All i say is i kinda know Jen can do alot more than make me laugh cause if "Marley & Me" was anything to go by, theres alot of emotional sides to Jenny!

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