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Alejandra Jackson Granted Permission To Stay At Michael Jackson Estate…For Now

Looks like it's gonna continue to be pret-ty uncomfortable in the Jackson family compound. Earlier today, we learned that there was lots o' drama going on over the Michael Jackson estate, mainly because Alejandra and her kids won't leave, even though Katherine Jackson wants them all OUT.

Katherine will NOT be getting what she wants, at least for now, because a judge has ruled that Alejandra can stay in the house for another month, after which time there will be a trial to determine her future at the Jackson estate. The trial will take place on April 14. In the meanwhile, although we don't think Alejandra is in the right here, it would be nice if they could make the effort to get along SOLELY for the kids! Please take care of those kids! thats all that matters right now anstop feeding of a dead man! ps the reality show sucks! wth! get a day job fellas and stop milking a corps!!!!

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