50 Cent Mocks Japan Tragedy On Twitter (PEREZ)

What a momenterily Bum!
Can 50 Cent shocked his fans when he mocked the earthquake and tsunami tragedy that occurred in Japan on Friday.
He took to his Twitter to write his painfully not-funny jokes about those suffering in Japan. He wrote:
"Its all good Till b*tches see there christian louboutins floating down da street shit gone get crazy."
"Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing."
"Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe's from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol"
He must have realized that he was being offensive because later he tweeted:
"Nah this is nuts but what can anyone do about it. Let's pray for anyone who has lost someone."
"Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. I'm cool either way 50cent"
Fiddy u gotta get help cause you just might be deranged!

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