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Fall is here again and as such, a more covered up approach to dressing is employed. Unlike the trends of summer, fall trends are basically precautionary materials to prevent and protect the skin from weather conditions.

In Nigeria, fall is not recognized as such because during that period, the country experiences the two extreems; rain and excessive sunlight. The question here is what is suitable and best applicable to the season, in terms of style cuts, materials and trends that best suit you (remember that not all trends fit you, no matter your body type so choose with that in mind).

For most white collar jobs, its expected that you show up wearing a suit and in the current season, its no exception but how do you fuse ethnic fabrics with the common formal office attire and not overdo it; the answer is THE TRAD SUIT

This suit is not a nu revelation, in fact, its quite common in some circles (most "black is power" americans). Fabrics of african heritage are basically used to make a jacket or complete suit. The punch is getting it tailored to you physique which is not easy when making a basic suit talk more of a TRAD suit.

Also, nigerian fashion designers are adopting the trend to put out fabulous pieces that cost more than a few nickels but make the desired statement- formal, classy and elegant. Its not bound to age, size figure etc but the style and fitting should meet all those appropriate standards.

How To Wear?

Simple! To get the easy going office worker, go for an informal top, jeans and a buttoned up trad-blazer (hot!) And the men can button down depending on preference.

A major don't for the ladies is to use a shimmery trad material to make a full suit, it drains the corporate out of the outfit but its

O.k. To do so if its for church or an informal event that has nothing to do with the office.

A nu one for optimum glam is to use the strong "Gele" materials to make high fashion blazers but this is not for the shy at heart because when done right, u would cause a stare everywhere u turn.


Side Note:

Ghanian fabrics are unbelievably wonderful when used to make the suit so opt for beautiful designs that suit you cause its not worth it if its not YOU! Stay fabulous!

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