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LOUD! A Rihanna Masterpeice?

Wow! its been forever since we last gisted and what better way to break my silence than to welcome my top5 most anticipated album of the year; Rihanna's LOUD!

what can i say, the journey so far has been a rollercoaster ride with album after album diferent from its predicessor and at No5, i can confidently say that Rihanna has come to own her music; she now sings "Rihanna Music".

LOUD! is literally and theoretically loud i all its ramifications and from one track to the other, you feel your peeling a different layer of Rihanna; her personality, vulnerability, strenth and even her freaky nature is unvailed. its suely a record that makes it mark inrespective of whoever sang the songs; to be honest, the record sounds at first listen, like that of a gratest hits collection of an artist your not quite conversant with but your drawn to deeper and deeper by every other track you hear from the catalogue until your finally neck deep in love.

Rihanna said on BET's 106&Park that the album was inspired by being on the road (on tour) and the ability to be spontanious. This nu found spontinuity was the reason for the fun and different, rather noisy atmosphere in which the album was born; very unlike the atmosphere that surrounded the epic "RATED R" and i agree totally cause you feel a breathe of fresh air of freedom from the very first listen.

"S&M" Rihanna say's is gonna be the third single from the album, is electro-perfection. the song is her ode to a freakier, more kinky side that everyone has to different degrees; quite direct but not outragious in any way.

"Whats my Name?" which features Drake, is truely an Island anthem that has Ska fused with syths and her distinctive voice to produce a sure-fire hit; for this song, she teamed up with her soul-writer and the author of the chart topping "Rude Boy", Ester Dean to produce perfection laced with theames of infatuation and a wanting to connect with the love interest, even in a sexual way.

"Only Girl (In The World)" is a song that definately stands out from the rest and when you first hear it, you know that its a global hit. the song sees Rihanna telling her man to make her feel like the only girl in the world and that shes the only one who has the formul for making him feel like a man.

"Cheers (Drink to That)" is a feelgood anthem that has this chant sample from Avril Lavigne's "I'm With You" song. its a let-yourself-go-and-have-a-nice-time-no-matter-what-anyone-thinks-or-says song which everyone needs from time to time (wish Avril was featured tho)

"Man Down" sees Rihanna returning to her "Pon the Replay" roots with a A-grade, Sham produced reggae account of how she kills a dude (the connector to the dark "Rated R" in theme and to "Music of The Sun" in genre).

"Fading" is my favourite song from the album; written by Jamal Jones, Ester Dean and produced by Polow da Don. the song gives an air of "Take A Bow" but in a more feelgood way, sort of like being true to ones self and thus letting the baggage go cause of the realization that your partner is 'fading away'.

Finally, i must say that i was sceptical when i heared about "Love the Way You Lie (Part II)" (featuring Eminem) that was gonna end up on the album but when i heared it, i was blown away at how the song, tho changed from a rap song to a song-song but still diddnt loose its value ... its worth and true essence. LOUD! is in itself a celebration of a stage in life where you gotta let every inhibition scream out from within you thus this album is one that everyone can relate to; The only question here is if its gonna stand the test of time; if its gonna be a masterpeice for the ages; Only time will tell.


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