Katy Perry; The teen dreamer

wow! wow! and one more wow! let me start by saying that i totally loved Katy before this sophmore effort ("Thinking of you" is my best katy perry song) and this is one of the few times i get to review the "perfect album" as far as im concerned.

"Teenage Dream" is this summer pop album that truely explores pop for all it stands for; pop or popular music is that genre that breaks bariers and kinda unites different genre listeners and this c.d. embodies that and so much more. you would think with "Carlifornia Gurls" that katy was just lucky to hit again after her hit after hit with "i kissed a girl" and "hot & cold" but she totally proved me wrong on this album. Do you know what it is to say that every song could be a potential single for the ages, i mean wow! she said on making this album, the pressure was there but rather than kill herself over pressure, she took time out to think of what she wanted to center on and the messages she wanted to pass across with this effort like California Gurls was an L.A. reply to the New York anthem "Empire State Of Mind" by Jay-Z.

Songs like "Peacock" is an obvious innuendo for ..... and its packaged in this chairleeder-esq composition with all the chants (very remeniscant of "Hollerback girl" by Gwen Stefani) that it still points back to "i kissed a girl" but in a less shocking, immature way which is most suitable for the teen dream theme. one of my fav songs on the album is "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" which is a funny recap of the nasty experiences we all went trough with our friends while out on the town (i have to give max martin and Dr Luke thumbs up, they are truely hit making writers/producers).

if anything "Teenage Dream" is a massive rollercoaster ride that explores love, infatuation, impulsive thinking and tells of a former public relationship; one she shared with Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes on the song "Circle The Drain"; on the song, she said "wanna be your lover, not your f#$king mother, can't be your saviour, i don't have the power..." and "im not sticking around to watch u go down..... say that you love me, u wont remeber in the morning". she uses the song to explain what went down in that relationship, the drugs, drinking and imbalace. its interesting that one of the writers of the anthem "Single Ladies" was the producer of the song and a few others on the album, Tricky Stewart and Stargate (the duo) were the urban produces that she employed to give the album colour which i find very intelligent as the song "E.T." which is this sci-fi love song was actually ment for three-6-mafia but was re-arranged for the album and what a great fit.

also, iv always said that any album that has writing and/or production credits from Greg Wells should not be taking lying down because theres something about this guy's songs that make you wana pea in your pants cause of how utterly comfortable you find yourself in the trance of his music and on the songs "Not like the movies" and "Pearl" he continues this from the first album where he worked on "thinking of you" with katy. these songs are very different but have simmilar somber moods that are very reflective and thought out. the messages are the most serious on this album and you see katy's soul on these records, truely appealing to the ears.

to end, id have to say my best tracks on th album are the last two which are "Hummingbird Heartbeat" which is this fast paced pop/rock, Tricky Stewart produced number that talks about how that special boy gives her a certain heartbeat and a sweet feeling. the last track "Not Like the Movies" like i stated earlier, is this somber truthfull advisory song that states that if love and marriage is "not like the movies", then its not worth it, on the song she sings "..... if stars don't allign, if it dosn't stop time, if you cant see the sign wait for it, 100%, with every penny spent, he'll be the one that finishes your sentences"

Again, i say wow! and bravo Katy, youv really outdone yourself on this one but i think what would have made this a 100% perfect record for me is if Nicki Minaj was featured on "E.T." but what do i know. LOVe you

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