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Single Review: Seyi Shay's "Right Now"

"Right Now" is the umpteenth single by the lovely Nigerian female singer and stage extraordinaire,  Seyi Shay. To be honest, this song is so new to me that I only stumbled upon its accompanying visuals, flipping through channels at 3 am this morning. I quickly ...
shazamed the track and went on to download cause the song has this attractive ease about it (its not pangolo!) and whenever these are released by Nigerian musicians (for us alternative music lovers), its a plus.
The sultry love song is a reggae/RandB fusion that expresses the singer nostalgia about a former lover. She then proceeds to direct said lover to "Touch Me Now, Right Now, now, now". In other words she wants to recreate their hot relations like it used to be " ... back in December".
The song is equal parts about good love and good sex. Her on-the-surface lyrics, combined with a distinct mid tempo reggae beat, helps to paint a clear picture for the listener so you get it as soon as you hear it. The slight sprinkle of pidgin here and there is a plus and her vocal maneuvers on the verses wets ones appetite for the chorus.
The Hook is where Seyi shines! she employs her full voice to create the emphasis needed to get what she wants .. a familiar touch "Right Now"
Honestly this is a win for Seyi Shay. This song could easily be a Rihanna record and it definitely has global as well as local appeal. The only flaw with this song (which if you really think about it, its not really a flaw) is her using lyrics from another popular song on a verse (Seyi does this a lot). The song is "By Your Side" by Sade and the lyrics extracted are
"you think I'd leave your side baby?
you know me better than that"
only on Seyi Shay's "Right Now" is slightly changed to ..
"I know you better than that"
The visuals for the song accomplishes the point the song is trying to convey with clean, breezy and effortless visuals to go with the easy nature of the song which I think was perfect as it is very relatable and Seyi Shay sexiness does not feel forced, it just comes off naturally (that's the best way) Watch here:

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