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Mariah Carey Gets Caught again Altering her Photoes

It seams Camp Mariah is suffering from dementia cause why would anyone, knowing that Mariah has been caught twice this year alone for ...

altering Album art, allow this woman first of all, wear stuff that girls half her age would give a side eye to, and then again (like we're all fools) alter pictures from a major photo-shoot. Jezebel has published before and after photoshopped pictures of the 44-year-old from a Wonderland magazine shoot shot by Terry Richardson. All I can say is why is this woman messing herself up? its not enough that the Album for which she is defaming herself with all these immature antics, bombed  commercially? (though I will not omit that the album is a good album). I mean cant anyone press pause on her bull shit?!!!

I wont deny that Mariah has come a long way and the talent is both rare and legendry but why destroy all that with immature diva type stunts that don't help your case? Mariah needs to cover up and act her age and status. She's a wife and mother of two. Get your shit together.
Let me also say that She definitely is not the only one doing this. there are many other stars who touch their pictures to live up to this absurd idea of perfection which I think is just bonkers. even with these Mariah pictures, shes not ugly and with the right clothes, she would look loads better and amazing. be proud of what you got and if you don't want it, exercise but don't sell a lie. its not 1934, the true state of things will always surface.

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