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Britney's leaked demo of "Alien"

When I first saw this on the internet I was like why?! We all know that people love Britney for the spectacle and not for vocal ability but when I herd the demo I understood why the internet resumed dragging the iconic entertainer. It was so bad that the ...
 renowned songwriter/producer, William Orbit,  had to release a statement defending Britney's craft as a legit singer. My take on this is why do such demos exist anyway? Why not destroy them as soon as the track is fully produced and mastered because there is no other use for such except to further discredit the artists body of work. It's not enough that the parent album of the aforementioned song, "Britney Jean", did not do so well, now criticism has to follow. It's tough to be a singer these days but with all the fanfare and financial benefits, it's only fair that what people are buying into is legit and not mechanically manufactured.

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