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New Music: Ray Baptiste "Screaming Underwater" The E. P.

Artist Name:  Ray Baptiste
Genre: Jazz/Soul, Afro-pop, Experimental


He's a Singer/Songwriter.  he's been performing for four years now. his style of music is greatly influenced by live instrumentation and the stage fused with Tribal (African) elements. he ranges from "dance" music (in many ...
formats) to ballads and folklore type records and he usually experiment so as to create something different and unique every time.
Lyric ally, he leans to issues that are about/affect the environment he lives in plus real life experiences. he composes love songs but in order not to sound cliché, he usually approaches love songs from unconventional angles to give those type of records edge. From time to time, he'll throw a rap verse into the mix for the record to show versatility.
he draws my inspiration from Music acts such as Fela, Onyeka Owenu, Wizkid, Sunny Ade, Maxwell, Erykay Badu, Lana Del Rey, Prince and Cee lo Green to name a few.
Who would like Ray's music? Anyone who likes to jive, anyone who does not just enjoy the beat but everything from the thump in a drum to the crack in a voice and the emotion it all evokes. Those are the people I'm singing for. 
listen and download his total e.p here

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