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Single review: 30 Seconds To Mars' 'Up In The Air'

30 Seconds To Mars aren't a band who do things by halves. Naturally, when preparing to release their new single 'Up In The Air', the Jared Leto-fronted act decided to stay true to the song's namesake and literally launch it into space. However, is their return something ...
us Earthlings can enjoy or have we just sent our intergalactic friends a warning message?
"I been up in the air, lost in the night/ I wouldn't trade it all for your life/ You lust for my life/ Is this the end?" Leto asks over growling guitars and kaleidoscopic synths, before vaulting into a chanting chorus with more rumble than a NASA lift-off. Once again, 30 Seconds To Mars manage to retain their trademark lad-rock sound while rejuvenating it with chart-friendly electronics, resulting in a song fit for our own radio waves as well as those in a galaxy far far away. i loooove it

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