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Justin Bieber Likely to Lose Pet Monkey

Justin Bieber has until Friday (May 17) to submit the paperwork necessary to retain his pet capuchin monkey, which was seized last March in Munich, Germany. According to Judith Brettmeister, a spokeswoman for the shelter holding the monkey, Bieber's lawyers have indicated that he  ....
"would like to leave the monkey."  It's probably for the best. The several weeks the monkey (named Mally) has spent at the shelter have been beneficial to its development. Only 14 weeks old when confiscated, it initially suffered from the ill effects of being separated from his mother too early while traveling with Bieber. The capuchin is now learning how to climb and use its tail. Mally is currently in the care of a German shelter that will hand over custody of the pet to a German zoo if Bieber truly gives up on retrieving his primate pal. There, he'd be able to socialize with other monkeys. Justin Bieber’s Believe world tour has seen plenty of turmoil for the young singer. He's been tackled onstage, accused of song theft, and has had his tour bus raided for weed. At least Mally can now be at peace.

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