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Album Review: Stooshe's "London With The Lights On"

The long-awaited debut album from Courtney, Karis and Alexandra, also known as Stooshe, has finally landed. We find out if London With The Lights On was worth the wait.

1. Slip
Slip summarises everything that Stooshe do well. Taking doo-wop, injecting attitude and producing a sound that is fresh and markedly Stooshe. A great opener to the album.

2. Love Me
There’s a reason this song made it into the Top 10, it’s catchy, cheeky and laden with innuendo, “hey diddle diddle, my cat needs a fiddle!” being a great example of one. Here’s a fun fact, the track was originally called F*** me. Girls! 

3. Black Heart
This Brit Award-nominated track needs no introduction. It’s fantastic harmonies with strong nods to the girl groups of the 60s was a massive hit and justly put Stooshe on the map. Love it.

4. Jimmy
Jimmy is a song about a pretty boy who is lazy and sadly, no good. He doesn’t even do the dishes for Pete’s sake! It tries to take on the same Motown-esq vibe of Slip and Black Heart however it fails at the first hurdle and verges towards the repetitive. How many times can you say ‘Jimmy Jimmy’? A lot it seems.

5. My Man Music
My Man Music is sunny reggae-inspired number which brings a pleasant and welcome shift in sound. Despite the inevitable Jafaican accent and some unnecessary ‘sass’, you won’t be able to keep that toe still. 

6. Kiss Chase
A fun, bubble-gum track which is as infectious as it is terrifying. The girls are known for being feisty but it takes on a sinister turn as the girls go after their prey. One line is particularly chilling: “You can never get away from me, but you sure did damn try. But now I’m kissing on you kissing on you baby, I’m sure you’ll survive.” Other than that, a good track.

7. Round 2
 starts off half way good but the chorus unvails such power and effortless charm, it basically keeps you till the end of the track.

8. Hoochi Mumma
Hoochi Mumma is about a single mother who ‘loves the social’. As you can imagine the song is entertaining, funny and, with all the talk of benefits, surprisingly topical. 

9. Your Own Kind of Beautiful
Inspirational songs telling us to just be ourselves are like a rite of passage for girl groups and Stooshe are exactly the type of band that could have pulled it off really well.

10. Put The Kettle On
i love this song. very in your face lyrics and not too deep but fun enough to add up nicely. 

11. Perfectly Wrong
This song is a gorgeous fusion of strings, harmonies and trip-hop and is by far one of the stand-out tracks of the album (reminds me of the Sugababes "3" album). Next single girls?

12. See Me Like This
The backing track does sound like something taken from Olly Murs’ cutting room floor (not necessarily a bad thing) however Stooshe’s vocals really make this song their own and a real audible treat.

13. Fly Again
A ballad! It had to be done and whereas it does sound lovely, it’s not really what we come to Stooshe for and does err on the boring side.

14. Turning Me On
A warm, uplifting R&B song and a perfect end to the album.

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