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Video!!!! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2: New Drama and Cast Members

The infamous "Stevie J" face is back!!! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 premieres April 22 with new cast members, new relationships, and MORE DRAMA! Well were do we start with the bombshells? Stevie (Stebbie) and Joseline Hernandez are still an item, however, Benzino and Stevie allude to him still trying to pull a Chris Brown and ...
bounce back and fourth between her and baby mama, Mimi Faust.
Stebbie also has a new tattooed, big booty artist, Che Mac, that he is working with, much to Joseline and her cropped wigs distain.
Speaking of Mimi she's back with a new man, and a new attitude. Mimi and Stevie get into a heated argument ending famous reality water splashing after Joseline downgrades Mimi's cleaning business by telling her "she's always looking like a maid."
Rashida and Kirk are back with a BUN IN THE OVEN!!! However, Kirk asked Rasheeda for a blood test, because of her "career" as a rapper!!! (WOWZERS!)
Rashida and K. Michelle still have their differences. The two music industry gals almost get into a fight at a ladies night/day gathering. Wonder who will win that battle? But fret not Kirk has Rasheeda's back, he told K. Michelle, "Touch Rashida and you will not walk the streets of Atlanta!" Sounds heated to us!
K. Michelle is still causing drama! Not only did she and Rasheeda have it out, but K. Michelle also confronts Mimi in a heated argument that leaves fans wanting more.
New cast members, DJ Traci Steele and baby daddy Baby Drew fit right in with their own relationship woes, featuring shouting matches and tear balling moments.
Erica comes out of her shell this season as her and the meddling, Mama Dee have it out..of course Shay has something to do with in.  Erica kicked out Lil Scappy's mom and then all hell breaks loose.
We can not forget to mention Karlie Redd and Benzino, lets just say their are more "staged" moments to come.

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