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Jessie J dyes shaved hair blonde for birthday

Jessie J has dyed her shaved hair blonde to celebrate her 25th birthday.  The Voice UK coach changed the colour of what little hair she has left after going bald for Comic Relief two weeks ago. Sharing snaps of her new hair on Instagram, Jessie J wrote: "It's my birthday and I'll be blonde if I want to #ariesbaby #holidaygetaway #25." The 'Domino' singer earlier ...

thanked fans on Twitter for their birthday wishes, saying: "I have no signal where I am so I'm hoping this sends!! Thank you in advance for all the birthday tweets and messages!!! I feel so happy right now!!! I'm 25!!! Waahhh!!! #birthdaymadness." Jessie J previously showed off her bald head in a celebratory photo shoot following her Red Nose Day stunt.
The star has apparently received some abuse online over her bold new look, but claimed not to be bothered by it. "Why did the papers print a double page of what 'trolls' had to say about my head shave?" she tweeted. "Like anyone gives a... Is that news worthy?  "Yet they run a story the same week about how cyber bullying is ruining young people's lives?! Set an example!!! Be positive!" i totally agree that its her hair to cut as she sees fit so stay in your own lane haters!

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