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T-Boz & Chilli Cameo In Stooshe’s Remake Of TLC’s “Waterfalls” Video

TLC may have warned us about chasing “Waterfalls” back when their R&B classic debuted in 1995, but Stooshe have obviously not heeded their advice, deciding to cover the trio’s signature track anyway. The UK threesome is in somewhat dicey territory, given the ...
tragic early passing of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes — some would say “Waterfalls” is too sacred for this kind of cover. But the “Black Heart” divas clearly have the endorsement of TLC’s surviving members, since T-Boz and Chilli make a brief cameo in the vid. Compare and contrast “Waterfalls” then and now below.
Musically, the Stooshe version feels a bit unnecessary, since it doesn’t really deviate from the original in any significant way. In fact, if you weren’t paying close attention, you might just think you were hearing the TLC version (minus a little bit of funk).
But when coupled with the visuals and the TC cameos, “Waterfalls” works as a tribute video, taking the same basic concept but not completely aping the original. It’s a bit iffy until T-Boz and Chilli show up, but then you just might experience “Waterfalls” from your own eyes as it all comes together.


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