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Brandy virtually "Put It Down" in her New Video! R&B Is Back

I've been heavy into Brandy ever since the "I Wanna Be Down" era, so I'm thrilled to report that she's back on the scene with her Chris Brown-assisted, "Put It Down." And did I mention she's looking quite incredible? Like, zero aging going on here, guys.

In the Hype Williams-directed video, Brandy sports her signature braids as she flirts and makes puppy-eyes at Chris Brown. There's a ton of sick dancing from both Brandy and Breezy, and they almost, kinda, sorta, definitely look like they might make-out as they perch themselves atop mad expensive whips. Not much else happens in the way of plot, but we're totally cool with that because watching Brandy and Chris nail their choreography while almost potentially kissing is waayyyy enough for us to have this vid on repeat basically our entire lives the entire week. Looking at their chemistry makes me think (get your mind out of the gutter yall!) of Rihanna! why you ask? well if you can remember Rihanna said that Aphodisiac (Brandy's Album) was the inspiration for Good Girl Gone Bad and at a point, they were having dinner dates and were being seen together so how does rihanna feel now that Brandy and Breezy are collaborating? well to be honest im sure Rihanna is cool with it but i just had to point that out tho that the industry is too small for people to burn bridges! spread love and peace! (cant wait to see the Rihanna/Oprah next chapter thing tho)"Put It Down" is the first single off Brandy's forthcoming Two Eleven, dropping Oct. 16.

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