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Kate Hudson Thinks She's Having a Girl

It's a girl for Kate Hudson! Well, that's what she thinks. The actress hasn't received any medical confirmation on the matter, but an ...
age-old practice called a pendulum test indicates she and Matt Bellamy will have a girl later this year.
Here's how the pendulum test works for a pregnant woman, according to the actress: Pluck out a piece of your hair and tie one of your rings to the end. Then, hold it over your pregnant stomach. If the hair spins, then it's a girl. If the hair moves back and forth, it's a boy. Simple!
The actress performed the test during a recent interview and the hair spun, so now she thinks she'll give her son Ryder a sister. However, if her test is wrong and she has a boy, she says her 7-year-old son will be totally excited.

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