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Beyoncé and Alicia Keys' 'Put It In a Love Song' video

An all-important piece of any great diva-on-diva collaboration is a killer-fabulous music video. Just think back to some of the best, more recent diva duos that churned out amazing clips—for instance, the mind-boggle that is Gaga and Beyoncé’s “Telephone” and that deliciousness put together a decade ago by ....
Missy, Christina, Pink, and Lil’ Kim in “Lady Marmalade.”
There are, of course, many more. But one that we’ll likely be adding to that list? Beyoncé and Alicia’s video collab for their song “Put It In a Love Song.” We’ve already seen on-set photos from the video shoot and we’ve, of course, heard the actual song, but the fine folks over at Idolator discovered this fun behind-the-scenes preview thingy for the forthcoming video. The duet is already a sultry blast, but could this sparkly, tribal, showgirls-filled video potentially send it into the stratosphere? Methinks, yes, hopefully. And: Beyoncé and Alicia look dope but  according to Keys’ publicist, you won’t be seeing the full clip anytime soon: “Presently, there are no plans to release the video,” she tells EW. why the hell not?! at the bearest minemum, this song would sell more digits for the "freedom" album so why hold it back? they must have good reasons is all

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