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The 2011 Nigeria General Elections Begin ... or did it?

No! and how this pisses me of, i cannot put in words! so instead of going about the elections today, INEC Chairman has just confirmed that the elections scheduled for today (Senate and House of Representatives) has been postponed until ....
Monday, April 4 2011.
Im basically glad i dont have to go to work on Monday but forget me and look at the bigger picture. Do you know the hight of embarassment this is going to cause us as a nation? why the hell cant we ever look at the bigger pictur? i can just imagine the CNN headlines and that just pisses me off! well lets wait till monday and see what happens but in all, we all need God's intervention!

INEC Contact

BlackBerry PIN: 2687A1CA

Phone Numbers: 0816 666 2222 or Call 0707-027-3671 to 9.

Twitter: @inecnigeria

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