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Rob Kardashian Doing 'Fine' After Emergency Surgery

Kim Kardashian's little brother Rob was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night and wound up having emergency surgery! The reality star had his appendix taken out and is now doing just fine.

Rob Kardashian (Twitter via Kim Kardashian)
His mother Kris Jenner breathed a sigh of....
 relief about the ordeal on her Twitter page. She wrote: "Wow LOOONG night in the ER! Pooooor Rob! My son has no more appendix!! I love you @RobKardashian you were so brave! Xoxox. God is amazing. I love you so much!!"
Big sister Kim also tweeted about the incident, and even joked about the poor guy -- and included a very flattering picture from the hospital. She wrote: "Robbie is sick! He will be ok though! This is what happens if you don't eat your Wheaties.”

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