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Nick Lachey Is Planning The Honeymoon

So they are finally tieing that knot! praise God! so now that thats out of the way, im guessing, If the girl gets to make her wedding the most perfect day of her life, the guy might as well be able to have a pretty awesome honeymoon, right? Nick Lachey has apparently given fiance Nick Lachey free reign on planning their romantic post-wedding retreat. "Weddings by nature are more for the bride," Lachey told Us. "I'm responsible for the
 honeymoon. That's my goal." But he's not totally dismissing future Miss Lachey's desires. "You want to pick a place where your bride wants to spend her first week being married," he added. Surely it will be a relaxing trip for these two, who are already regulars at luxurious vacation spots like Cabo San Lucas. Good ! wonder if Jessica Simpson is on the guest list?

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